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Singer-songwriter KINGS has released a brand new single, "how to kill me," via Snafu Records. So if you’re looking for an artist whose music makes you feel a thousand emotions at once, look no further. KINGS, an up-and-coming songwriter based in Nashville and LA, knows how to tug listeners’ heartstrings. Written and recorded in Nashville nearly all in one day, the new single "how to kill me" is moody dark pop at its finest, finding KINGS in her emotive sweet spot. She describes, "I wrote 'how to kill me' to open my listeners up to the darker side of what being used by someone sounds and feels like." Known for her signature dark pop sound, KINGS has already racked up quite the following online. With a fan base of over 5.1 million on TikTok alone and a Spotify play count of over 1.5 million from her releases this year, it’s clear that KINGS’ fans connect strongly with her music. In terms of songwriting, KINGS is one of a kind. She sings about relationships, heartbreak, and girl power, and she does it all with honesty and purpose. The new single comes on the heels of previous 2021 singles "ur a good bye," thank me later," and "skeletons," which have seen love from outlets like Teen Vogue, Flaunt, & American Songwriter and "thank me later" alone has garnered 1 million+ Spotify streams.