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Nashville-based singer-songwriter KINGS has released a brand new single, "ur a good bye." Her first single since her recent signing with Snafu Records. The bombastic pop anthem striking a masterful blend of slick electro-pop production and soaring vocal hooks. KINGS said of the song, “I wrote 'ur a good bye' last August with a few writer/producer friends of mine. I told them about this guy I unofficially dated, and let me tell you; it was a mess. His immaturity was astonishing, but it made for some interesting art. I love taking bad situations and turning them into something people can jam to in their car. We were talking about the situation, and I was like, 'I can't even be mad at this situation because he was a good bye.'” Sparked by a wave of buzz in 2019 after her mega-viral TikTok amassed over 70 million views, KINGS' following has skyrocketed, racking up over 5 million followers across platforms. Her videos showcase her raw vocal talent in a fun, candid environments and have drawn coverage for outlets like TIME and Today.