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Northern NSW-based artist Kita Alexander has just released her new single, "Run," and it's a glittering, synth-flecked track that brings to mind the highlights of Fleetwood Mac's discography. "Run" floats along while carrying a heavier emotional weight than you might expect upon first hearing the song. Lyrically, "Run" is a track about trying to escape a toxic relationship and captures the search for the energy and bravery to put yourself first, even though you're trying to be supportive. Originally written alongside Donnie Sloan and Nick Littlemore (part of Empire of The Sun), the song's final form took shape in Kita's garage. It's a reminder to look below the surface of any situation, as your first impression of "Run" might be deceiving. The chorus helps to distill the struggle of supporting someone using you as a life raft - leading to you both sinking in the process. Speaking about the track, Kita explains, “I’ve always loved listening to songs that feel light upon hearing but hold much heavier sentiment after really listening to the lyrics. And so, being inspired by this form of songwriting, I find myself doing it quite a lot and especially in "Run." "The first song from my upcoming EP feels like a sunny day in LA, but it’s all about being in a relationship with someone who is unsuccessfully fighting their own internal battle and in the process dragging you down along with them. "Run" is the first taste of Kita's upcoming third EP, which will be released later this year.