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Kyla La Grange has premiered her first single of 2022, "Nurture," which is lifted from her forthcoming album "While Your Heart's Still Beating." "Nurture" is the third track to be shared from Kyla La Grange's first in over seven years, following last year's "Neverland" and rework of N-Trance's "Set You Free," and is teamed with an Alexandre Prod'homme-directed video. Kyla La Grange said of the new release, "Nurture" is the most personal song I've ever written, a storybook of relationships, from childhood to adulthood. I nearly didn't record it because it made me cry too much, and I was scared to release it because it felt so raw and exposing. Still, something about the writing of it felt very necessary for me like it was a way of paying tribute to certain things and then closing the door on them, putting them to bed." Making waves throughout the 2010s with the critically acclaimed albums Ashes (2012) and Cut Your Teeth (2014), the singer/songwriter was one of the defining voices of her era. Making a stunning return with what promises to be one of the defining records of 2022, While Your Heart’s Still Beating is undoubtedly Kyla’s most forward-thinking songwriting to date, a truly incredible insight into the emotional rollercoaster of your 30’s and returning to the creative mindset.