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British singer-songwriter L Devine premiered a new song, “Girls Like Sex,” on BBC Radio 1 Future Sounds with Annie Mac. This serves as the first single of the year, following last year's "Don't Say It," and is the lead single from her upcoming mixtape "Near Life Experience: Part 1." Dipping into the 80s leaning sonics - think early Madonna or even UK synth-pop - it's a song about "reclaiming my sexuality" and tearing up tired old narratives. L Devine says of the song, "For me, this song is about reclaiming my sexuality and flipping the tired old narrative that sex is for men and feelings are for women on its head. I want the song to empower women to have casual sex. Production-wise, I love how the song disguises itself as sweet and innocent, to begin with, but then the pay-off is so tough and dirty." The new EP comprises 7-track and is accompanied by “Naked Alone” and “Don't Say It.” It is set to be released on July 23, 2021.