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Following the explosive Season, two finale of HBO’s “Euphoria,” composer Labrinth and star Zendaya have released the full version of “I’m Tired.” The gospel-inspired track was first heard in Episode 4 when Labrinth performs the song live during an emotional fantasy scene where Rue (Zendaya) envisions she is in church. In Sunday night’s finale, viewers heard the last minute of the song, which features Zendaya singing solo accompanied by bare-bones piano. Co-written by Labrinth, Zendaya and show creator Sam Levinson. Labrinth has played a massive hand in the show's music so far, sharing "Yeh I F*ckin' Did It" from the second episode of season two earlier this year and earning the Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Music & Lyrics last season. Speaking with the Emmy-winning composer recalled the emotional experience of performing the song on set. “I knew what Rue was going through. Being in a church, it felt spiritual,” said Labrinth. “Zendaya was crying. I was crying. We had Hunter [Schafer] and Dom[inic Fike], and everyone could feel the vibe there was different.” Kid Cudi has expressed his interest in recording a remix to “I’m Tired.” “Please, dear GOD put me on a remix of this @Zendaya @Labrinth,” he tweeted, which prompted Zendaya to respond, “Yoooo! What a dream that would be… @Labrinth???” "Euphoria" was renewed for season 3 in February. The first two seasons of the Emmy-winning series are available for streaming now on HBO.