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It’s hard to describe our love for the alt-pop band LANY with words. From the majestic, intoxicating vocals to the poetic, mesmerizing lyrics to the dynamic, endlessly playable beats, they sure can make you feel every emotion at the snap of their fingers. That is no different on their newly released single titled "never mind, let's break up," which is the fourth single off of their upcoming fourth studio album “gg bb xx,” following “dancing in the kitchen,” “up to me” and “dna." Frontman Paul Klein said of the album title, “I was too obsessed with the feeling of these 12 songs to attach any real words to the title, so I made up a phrase or a series of letters, and now we have an album with a name that has no history or preconceived notions, and I love that.” He added, “This is not a pandemic record. In fact, I would rather never think or talk or remember this last year. The whole idea would be that this album makes you completely forget all the shit we just went through.” There was a real sense of freedom to this album,” frontman Paul Klein says. “Even freedom from myself. I learned to stop being hung up on everything. Recording ‘gg bb xx’ has been the most fun I’ve ever had making music — this new album is LANY at its best, and for all the right reasons.” The band's new album “gg bb xx” is scheduled to be released on September 3, 2021.