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Singer and songwriter Lena Katina, a former member of the famous Russian duo, tATu, has just released a new single, 'Stay The Same'. The song is written by Lena with Oleg Drofa and Evgeny Bednenko, and is presented as a melancholy slow-rock ballad. Lena released a single in Russian, 'Iz temnoty,' last June. But 'Stay The Same' is his first English single in four years. Even so, 'Stay The Same' is not a new song because Lena had performed it live at her “Mummy Troll” concert on March 3, 2018. Lena Katina shared on social media, “The world is changing... Life is changing, but Stay True to yourself no matter what they say.” Lena has a reason she finally released a studio version of her song because, in a constantly changing world, she reminds us just to be ourselves. After tATu, Lena has released three albums independently as a solo artist. His last album was “Mono,” which was released in 2019. She started her career at the age of eight, joining the Russian children's act Avenue, soon after that joining Neposedy. In 1999, producer Ivan Shapovalov chose Katina and Julia Volkova for his project t.A.T.u.. The duo would later become Russia's most successful pop music act. The group produced several hits, including "All the Things She Said," "Not Gonna Get Us," and "All About Us."