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We first got a glimpse of Liam Payne’s immense talent at The X Factor auditions in 2008. Since then, he has proven what an incredible singer and songwriter he is through the years. The former One Direction member released his newest single, “Sunshine,” as part of the official motion picture soundtrack for "Ron’s Gone Wrong." The video for the track features Payne singing along to the poppy track, first sitting at a breakfast table with a rooster as his companion, before later cutting to scenes of him lounging in a sun-drenched plot of grass and dancing in front of a corkboard full of Post-its with suggestions on how to be a friend. The video also interpolates animated scenes from "Ron’s Gone Wrong" that feature the main character Barney interacting with Ron's malfunctioning companion device. "Ron’s Gone Wrong" is a heartfelt film about friendship that follows the story of a socially awkward schoolboy named Barney and Ron, walking and talking digital device designed to be its owner’s best friend with the occasional comedic malfunction. Payne has been working on new music since his 2019 debut album "LP1" and his 2020 Christmas single “Naughty List” with TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio. The single and video are both promising indicators of what the singer may have up his sleeve for the future.