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Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Lisa Heller unveiled a new song, “Pity Party." The song was written by Lisa Heller and Meghan Williams and is the third single off her upcoming sophomore EP “Is Anyone Listening? following “Red Flags” and “18." The track takes us on a melancholy ride through the circus of the mind. During the first few months of quarantine, the track was conceived when Lisa, like many others from all walks of life, battled with depression and felt bad about being depressed. This is a song for those who struggle with spiralling. The music video stretches the metaphor of a “pity party” to the fullest extent, featuring multiple Lisas having their own dystopian gathering. “I think everyone has these feelings about their life at moments,” Lisa says. “Everyone is capable of getting in those headspaces, but we’re also capable of getting back out of them. I wanted to stop feeling sorry for myself, acknowledge that this is a part of life, and turn the subject matter on its head with a whimsical production and chorus.” Lisa’s forthcoming 6-song EP, “Is Anyone Listening?” due on July 15th.