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It's been 11 years since Liz Phair released original music, and that's about to change as today we get a new track titled "In There." Her upcoming album, "Soberish," which follows her 2010 LP "Funstyle," includes the previously released songs "Good Side" and "Hey Lou." Phair once again recruited longtime collaborator Brad Wood to produce, who also worked on "Exile In Guyville," "Whip-Smart," and "whitechocolatespaceegg." Phair said of the album: It can be about partying. It can be about self-delusion. It can be about chasing that first flush of love or, in fact, any state of mind that allows you to escape reality for a while and exist on a happier plane. It’s not self-destructive or out of control; it’s as simple as the cycle of dreaming and waking up. "In There" is from her upcoming seventh studio album, "Soberish," due for release on June 4th via Chrysalis Records.