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Unmistakeable talent Lola Young releases her brand new single "Bad Tattoo." via Island Records. The 20-year-old artist composed and in command describes the complexities of recovering from a toxic relationship, certifying herself as a storyteller with range, emotion and prowess beyond her years. “Bad Tattoo” was produced by manuka, with additional production by Rob Milton. Fiercely independent and exceptionally talented, 20-year-old Lola Young has an undeniable creative focus. Her work to date – the powerful singles "Ruin My Make Up" and "Woman." her debut collection of tracks ‘Intro’ and second release, the "Renaissance" EP, all received critical acclaim.

Talking about the track, Lola explains, “Bad tattoo is a song I wrote about falling in love and not knowing whether it’s going to last; young love can be really hard sometimes. However, I’ve recently realized the beauty in the temporary nature of love, the fact that it can come and go, it can leave you feeling the worst you could ever feel, yet it can be the most beautiful thing in the world. Bad tattoo talks about the permanence of relationships, not necessarily lasting but the lasting effect it has on a person, the understanding and learning you must go through when experiencing life with some and finally coming to peace with the fact that it can leave you scarred like a really bad fucking tattoo.”