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Lukas Graham is the Danish band made up of Lukas Forchhammer, Mark Falgren, and Magnus Larsson. It has already rained a lot since the launch of his first self-titled album, back in 2012, reaching number 1 on the charts in his country, before starting to triumph in the rest of Europe. Today, Lukas Graham released his new single “Call My Name”, with a very touching lyric that says: “So if you need a friend, someone to hold your hand, call my name and I won't be far." Here is Graham on his new single, “For what it's worth. I've been part of a lot of albums… like, a lot. But now and then one of those songs comes along that gives you that inexplicable 'wow, what happened?' feeling. Call My Name gives me that feeling every time I hear it. I just hope this song speaks to someone the same way it spoke to us.” Lukas Graham released his last album “3 (The Purple Album)” in 2018 and since then fans have been waiting for new projects. This year, the singer released the singles “No Evil” with Branco, “Too Late” in partnership with Cash Cash and Wiz Khalifa, and more recently “Happy For You”, which gained several versions with other artists. fans are eager to discover new music from their favorite Danish group as have not released anything new for more than three years. At the moment we already have some advances and surely we will soon have more news of this trio.