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LA-based pop artist Maggie Andrew has dropped her fiery new single “ILMIHM”—the second part of her trilogy of immersive musical experiences—and it’s about to get you hooked. “ILMIHM” is probably my favourite song in the trilogy because it shows two different sides of me,” Maggie says. The darkly glittering synths beckon you to dive right into the song’s depths, where it tells tales of an internal battle between self-confidence and self-loathing. It’s a hard line to walk, but Maggie Andrew dances along that line with swagger, moving between low and high emotions so fast you’ll be left dizzy from the fallout. “I love the structure of the song and the feeling of darkness it has in the beginning, but as you keep on listening, the dark melancholy sound shifts itself in confidence and power,” she says. There’s an intense energy that radiates from this song as Maggie takes us through the pain of introspection and pushes towards a burst of light and strength. “ILMIHM” is definitely a rollercoaster of soul searching that’ll take you on a ride. The skippy beat keeps your heart racing while the synths shift between anxiety and excitement, perfectly orchestrating how those feelings are often intertwined.