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Leicester-born R&B star Mahalia has released her second single, “Whenever You’re Ready,” the follow-up to her Rico Nasty-assisted track, “Jealous.” The track’s airy, carefree and colourful tone is a step in a new direction for Mahalia as she floats between heartbreak R&B and tropical island sounds, but on “Whenever You’re Ready” and “Jealous,” Mahalia’s seemingly striving for a glossier, Y2K-inspired sound, which takes her back to her younger days. Since releasing her debut studio album, "Love and Compromise," in 2019, the 23-year-old Jamaican-British artist has made a name for herself as one of the United Kingdom’s most promising R&B talents. Now, with a 2021 Grammy nomination for Best R&B Performance under her belt, she’s quickly becoming a recognizable name here in the United States too. And with her new single, “Whenever You’re Ready,” she’s bound to launch further into stardom. The accompanying visuals directed by The Rest for “Whenever You’re Ready” are colour-coordinated, polished, and perfectly capture the silky, sunny vibe of the track. The choreography screams early-00s pop-R&B, with Mahalia and her dancers moving in sync with one another.