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Gearing up to release their third studio album, "Wildest Dreams," set to arrive this Friday, Majid Jordan has debuted their fourth single, “Forget About The Party.” Comprised of singer Majid Al Maskati and producer Jordan Ullman, the pair have already dropped a few stellar singles off of the album in the sleek 80’s dance floor inflected “Summer Rain,” the upbeat electro-soul banger “Waves of Blue,” and one hell of a shoulder to cry in in “Been Through That.” But now, with the acoustic “Forget About The Party,” they’re flashing a distinct versatility. Singing over a beautiful guitar melody, Al Maskati paints the nightlife of The Six into the hook while he pleas with the object of his affection to drop what she’s doing and come be by his side: “The city’s got you blinded by the life, forget about the party, come to mine / I’ll give myself to you like its a habit, everything you wanted, you can have it.” He transitions from a gentle delivery into a high-pitch falsetto, showing a palpable range that matches the diverse early offerings that Wildest Dreams has already yielded. The release of Majid Jordan’s 2013 debut EP "Afterhours" turned heads, eventually capturing the attention of OVO Sound. After co-producing and writing Drake’s 2013 6x-platinum smash “Hold On We’re Going Home,” Majid Jordan’s sound catapulted into the mainstream and led them to sign to OVO Sound later that year in 2013.