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Russia’s Eurovision 2021 entrant, Manizha, has released a new single entitled ‘Now Or Never," which is composed by Daniel Kostov, Georgy Kruglove and Manizha herself. The new song talks about Manizha’s drive to find a new place, seizing the moment ‘now or never, as it were. It shows Manizha’s vocals and her exploration of electronic sounds with a cool build as the song progresses. In a post on her Instagram posted yesterday, before the song’s release, she described this new release as “a very important work for me. Since 2013, I hesitated to record this song. But the time has come, I know for sure”. After a surprise national final, Manizha was chosen to represent Russia at Eurovision in 2021 with the song "Russian Woman." The Tajik-born artist brought a fiery feminist anthem talking about Russian women's resilience, shortly after its announcement, got a revamp. This revamp went to Eurovision at Rotterdam in May, where the song made it through to the Grand Final and finished 9th, following up Sergey Lazarev’s Scream, which finished 3rd for the nation in 2019. In 1994, she moved to Moscow with her family, taking piano lessons. In 2003, she began her career as a child singer. After a short music break, she returned in 2016 with the release of some self-published singles. In 2017, she released her debut studio album, followed by a second one in 2018. In 2021, she competed in the Russian national final, where she won with the song “Russian Woman.”