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Welsh singer-songwriter MARINA has released a brand new song, and it looks as though it's a song teased in 2020 titled "Happy Loner." On social media, MARINA uploaded an image with the words "Tendency to be a loner" and captioned the post: "Friday". Although she did not confirm the song title, fans were hoping it's a song titled "Happy Loner," which she first teased on social media in September 2020, and their wish has become a reality—working on political agendas such as misogyny, global warming and racism; MARINA released in June this year her fifth studio album, “Ancient Dreams In a Modern Land.” which is already getting ready to receive its deluxe version. Information about the continuation of the project was revealed through her stories on Instagram. The singer appeared in front of the mirror, writing: “This luxury album will not record itself,” and marked co-producer James Flanigan ( Dua Lipa , Carly Rae Jepsen, Hayley Kiyoko ). The announcement of the deluxe also came through a statement by the artist where the singer confirmed that new tracks from the album would be arriving soon, including titles already known, in some ways, by her fans. Songs like “Pink Convertible” and the latest release “Happy Loner” may be part of the deluxe version of “Ancient Dreams In a Modern Land.” The album was preceded by the release of four singles, "Man's World," "Purge the Poison," the title track, and "Venus Fly Trap" with each one having a music video.