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The time has finally come. It is has been one of the most rumoured collaborations over the past years. The ever-elusive Martin Garrix and Zedd track. Fans have waited so long for these two electronic dance powerhouses to team up, and now their work together has finally been released in the form of the new single “Follow.” It’s no secret that both Garrix and Zedd have been good friends for numerous years. Ever since both exploded to the top of the scene, the dance community has salivated at what a collaboration between the two could sound like. The hype around the upcoming tack is warranted as both artists have teased the potential of working together for years. As they continued to drop hints at the release more frequently throughout the last three years, we knew it was only a matter of time until it became a reality. In combination with the release, Martin Garrix will be on the Main Stage of the Miami Ultra Music Festival. It was the producer himself who confirmed that "Follow" will be just one of the new productions included in his set. The desire to share the single with the fans was so great that, during a set in Chile, Garrix decided to video call his friend Zedd and showed him live the crowd's reaction before putting the new hit into play. Zedd also shared a YouTube Shorts video of Garrix playing out the track live to a crowd of 70,000 people. The tune features the classic, sharp Zedd synths with Garrix's acclaimed, anthemic festival sound.