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20-year-old Rising artist MASN, releases his new track, "Self Sabotage," via RCA Records. The new song follows MASN’s previously released tracks, "Don’t Talk," "A Perfect Summer Song” and "Sitting In Fire" which are all featured on his upcoming EP which will be released later this year. MASN says, “'A little bit won't hurt you' is what everyone says before engaging in something fucking stupid. Self Sabotage is about participating in short-term gratification that you know will eventually cause long-term harm. My goal with this song was to deliver on the hurt that engaging in these behaviours will cause. The production is lying to you by being up beat and happy because it masks the fact that self sabotage is a deceiving pathending in pain.” Last year MASN released his debut EP, "How To Kill A Rockstar," and "Mountains," a collaboration with label mates Lost Kings. MASN’s debut EP received critical praise. Utah native MASN exploded onto the scene in 2019 when his hit single, "Psycho!," dropped. The track exploded online and had garnered over 100M combined audio and video streams worldwide and over 1.5M TikTok videos. Shortly after, he released his track, "Val!um," followed by "Psycho!," feat. Trippie Redd marked MASN’s first release with RCA Records.