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14-year-old emerging artist Mia Baron shares her new single, “Miss Emotionless.” The Canadian singer-songwriter Mia Baron is probably the most talented singer-songwriter her age on the planet, and after a solid 2021 she’s ready to make waves in the music industry with another stunning single “Miss Emotionless”. She delivers another breathtaking vocal performance— she draws you in with relatable lyrics that tell listeners to stay true to who they are. You don’t have to act the way others expect if it’s something that is unnatural to you. It’s okay to be different – just accept it and be yourself. Special mention to the chorus adds a beautiful intensity to a song whose production does not suffer from any taste. Her fifth original single, "Miss Emotionless," is an R&B song mixed with pop and delicious electronic elements that bring big stars like Madison Beer to mind. A few years ago, Mia Baron began pursuing music by recording covers of her favourite songs and posting them on social media. She has spent the past year working on and releasing original music. According to Baron, she discovered her passion for singing about four years ago, performing in her school’s choir. Her love for singing made Baron realize she wanted to pursue a career in music. She recently released her debut single “Hide and Seek” back in May 2021, co-written with Matt Kahane and Quin Kiu.