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Canadian singer-songwriter Mimika has released a new song, “Rambling (Chapter 1),” along with a music video directed by Luca Roberto Cianfarani. The song will appear on her upcoming debut EP, which consists of four chapters, each illustrating specific moments in her life that have gotten her to where she is now. Last year, Mimika started a mini-mixtape series, with each mixtape focusing on two or three emotions she has felt in her life. She’s now starting a chapter-based narrative, kicking off with her glistening new single, “Rambling.”

Here is what Mimika said of the song, “I have this tendency to shoot myself in the foot when it comes to relationships and somehow always find a way to end things before they really begin. 'Rambling' explores that in a conversational way. I spend a lot of the song beating around the bush regarding what's going on in this relationship until I finally blurt out the truth, which is “maybe I wasn't meant for this, meant for love, I'm scared of 'us.'” The song is meant to make you self-reflect and look inside as to the real motives behind why we do the things we do.” Her new EP is set for release later this year.