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Morgan Wade isn’t entirely done with her phenomenal debut album, "Reckless," just yet. She announced that she’s officially releasing a deluxe version of the record in just a few short weeks on January 28th and now released a new from the set titled “Run.“ Her debut solo album "Reckless," which arrived in March, carries the ragged edge of a singer-songwriter who’s been putting her nose to the grindstone for some time. Wade describes desperate, spontaneous relationships that feel the strongest when they’re at their breaking point in a voice like worn leather. “Lay me down on the floor in the kitchen/Show my angry heart what I’ve been missing,” she sings on the chorus to the soft-rock anthem “Take Me Away.” It’s not the first trajectory or sounds you might imagine for an artist born and raised in Floyd, one of the historical birthplaces of country music in the United States and still a mecca for bluegrass fans the world over. Wade recalls spending Friday nights as a child at the Floyd Country Store, sitting on her grandfather’s lap as fiddlers, guitarists, and folk singers entertained a crowd of dancing locals and tourists alike. That indeed became a part of her, but she didn’t want traditional hoedown country to be where her music began and ended.