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Natalie Shay is an indie-pop artist hailing from North London. The multi-award-winning musician has established an ever-growing presence and loyal fanbase through her explosive live performances and unforgettable anthems, recognizing her as one of the UK’s hottest emerging talents. Her relatable lyrics touch on love, self-discovery and the everyday experiences of a twenty-something. Written in South West London with her longtime friend Joseph Wander, Shay has released her vibrant new single “Two Sparks,” which serves as the follow-up to “New Wave,” released last September. The track navigates the demise of a long-term relationship, realizing that the romance and fire have been extinguished. Shay admits, writing from personal experience, “It’s honest and autobiographical; I wanted to write about something a bit deeper and more complex, something more relatable to anyone at any age in any relationship, whether it’s your high school sweetheart or your married partner.” Listening to the raw instrumentation and mature vocals on Taylor Swift’s re-released albums throughout the first wave of the pandemic, Shay felt a swirl of inspiration, wanting “Two Sparks” to adopt a similar timeless arrangement, the track achieving a clean and crisp audio and production. The dynamic pop melodies and poised soundscape give way to Shay’s angelic vocals, making this single the perfect ballad to sing along to in the car.