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Swedish artists Nea and SHY Martin have released their latest feel-good track, “No Regrets.” A call to leave the qualms of life behind and embrace a carefree mentality, enjoy the sounds of the school friends-turned-collaborators singing on the themes of infectious self-love and embracing the freedom we are currently enjoying this summer. With an atmospheric production boasting electronic sensibilities and the duo’s sickly-sweet vocals coming together in perfect harmony, their latest drop instantly becomes a summer anthem worthy of the name. After working together for years as songwriters writing for others, longtime friends Nea and SHY Martin wrote: "No regrets" - a summer smash that they wanted to keep for themselves. SHY Martin describes, "Me, Nea and Victor Thell wrote 'No Regrets' last spring and completely fell in love with the song. We’ve been talking about doing a song together for a while and this felt like the perfect one. With the hopes of furthering the track’s message, the pair have also released the track’s music video. An ode to their friendship, join the artists on a sun-soaked road trip to a serene field, filled with singing and calm-inducing energy.