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With over 1 billion streams, a plethora of awards and tours and a live performance at the White House on their track record, Norwegian duo Nico & Vinz now return with a new track entitled "Peace." Composed of Nicolay Sereba of Norwegian-Ivorian origin and Vincent Dery of Ghanaian heritage created their music as a fusion of genres as diverse as pop to reggae to soul, having been exposed by the various musical influences of their parents with whom they made recurring trips to the West Coast of Africa Since the pandemic started last year. They've been making music together for almost 12 years and wondered if it's time to go their separate ways. The answer was no: you have more to say, to put a smile on more people's faces - all over the world. Then the best comes together for them - personally and artistically. "Peace" is a song we wrote a while ago for our upcoming album, and it was originally a song about the turmoil we are all facing in the world, both inside and out. Then when the war broke out in Ukraine, the song started to work on us in a completely different way. It was not just about mental peace and social peace but also about literal peace that was hard to imagine. As Norwegians and sharing a border with Russia, we feel very much at home here." They formed in 2010 as Envy but changed their name to Nico & Vinz by the end of 2012. They are primarily famous for their biggest hit single, "Am I Wrong," which peaked at number 2 in Norway, Denmark and Sweden and number 1 in the United Kingdom.