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Scottish singer and songwriter Nina Nesbitt has released a new single entitled "Life Is A Bitch." As for many of us, the pandemic has profoundly affected our mental health, with everything from depression to anxiety to loneliness arising to the surface. And someone who knows this well is Nesbitt, as her new song is the soundtrack of her cry dancing, smiling through the tears moments." However, the singer-songwriter went on to add that this "anthem for powering through tough times and not taking life too seriously" came surprisingly easy, as it was written in 30 minutes with production duo Jack & Coke over Zoom. Explaining that the "stream of consciousness" song felt like something that "just poured out at the right time," Nesbitt said the track was inspired by her propensity to keep things to herself "until they rise to the surface," though she's now a proponent of "embracing" even the ugliest and most uncomfortable parts of you. The accompanying Wolf James-directed music video follows a "Perfect Nina" character who attempts to run away from her worries in a getaway car, ignoring the red flags and pretending that everything is fine — even if she soon learns that she can't outrun her problems or the darkness that comes with them.