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Toronto-born artist NOA shares her vibrant new single “Gone.” Despite its emotional undertones and being inspired by a breakup that listeners will be able to resonate with, the track is built over lush production. It has a feel-good vibe throughout— a perfect match with her sweet-toned vocals and catchy melodies. The song is the follow-up to the 2021 EP “Honeymoon" and was written by Noa Vlessing, Bobby Love and Emery Taylor. “My new single, “'Gone' is a post-breakup anthem that takes you through the initial emotions, anger and heat of getting over someone, NOA said of the song. “I wrote 'Gone' after a relationship that probably should never really have happened in the first place ended. And just like that, the love and the person I knew was no longer in my life. It’s ancient history; this love doesn’t exist to me; it’s gone.” She continued, “I wrote the song with two incredible Toronto songwriters and producers, Emery Taylor and Bobby Love. We wanted to create something edgy, confident and percussive that told the story of what I was feeling. We wrote the song in one quick session.” She added, “'Gone' captures the feeling of how a person, and the love that was once there, suddenly becomes a distant memory and feeling; as if it just never existed.”