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International global pop music group formed in Los Angeles Now United has released the video “Ikou,” a new track that highlights the vocals of Japanese member Hina Yoshihara. The clip recordings were made in Mexico shortly after passing through Brazil, with a predominance of the group's girls – some boys appear at the end. The whole vibe is very colourful and danceable, showing that the members are having fun – as well, as the audience will be excited too. Any Gabrielly likes the fanfics Now United loverswrite about her and the group. During a live on Instagram on Wednesday (8/9), she said she had read some and was impressed. “I think it's 'time' the people writing. I think it's really cool. I find it organized, interesting. I think if I had to write a fanfic… I find it very difficult. At least the ones I've seen, they're really well made. I think the dialogues are cool sometimes. I've never read a whole one, but I've read bits and pieces of some – the most famous ones, which people comment, I usually read them. Just to find out what it is. I think it's cool. Sometimes I see things and leave right away, because of right? The fanfic is talking about me. It's different for you to read when you're the character (laughs)”, he commented.