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Actress and singer Olivia Holt released her first single of 2021 called “Do You Miss Me” on February 19, 2021. The track was written by MAG, Eric Leva, Amy Allen and Louis Schoorl. Produced by MAG and Louis Schoorl. She has already filmed a music video for the song and was Directed by Moyo Oyelola. In 2020, she collaborated with Dutch DJ R3hab to release “Love U Again” and released “Talk Me Out Of It”. The new song follows up both singles. Also, she shared on social media about Texas where she has currently struggled with difficult situations. She has been creating her new project there for a couple of months. But in Texas, 4.3 million people have lost electricity due to severe cold weather this week.


Olivia Holt shares a new song, “Do You Miss Me?” and the music video that goes along with it. This would be one month and one day after Holt dropped “Talk Me Out Of It.” Fans are expectantly excited for the back-to-back songs that they have got.