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Irish-American singer-songwriter Patricia Kelly is a highly successful artist and recently released the title single from her new album "Unbreakable," set to be released on December 30, 2021. Her courageous, combative personality, who had to free herself from phases of external control and narcissistic influences in the course of her global career, just as in her private life, is a little less in the foreground. How to stay strong and defend yourself is now documented by her brand new single "Doll," which Patricia's son and now songwriter Iggi Kelly co-wrote for the first time. It's in the lyrics of "Doll" as well as in the determining beats and Patricia's voice, which surprises with a perfect touch of rock appeal: “I ain't a doll you can play with - I'm not your Friday night entertainment. My heart's already been thru so much, but I've had enough. “It's the belief in yourself and unconditional trust in a love that moves mountains and the powerhouse Patricia Kelly on all tracks of the new album due in 2022, virtuoso and consistent set to music: “The new songs embody nostalgic emotion or move forward. In between, there is nothing. ”This makes the uncompromising "Doll" another perfect foretaste of "Unbreakable," a fearless, international pop album that not only fans will love. She will be embarking on her Unbreakable Tour in 2022 and 2023. The tour kicks off at Haus Auensee in Leipzig on September 23, 2022.