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Los Angeles-based alt-pop singer-songwriter salem ilese has shared the final promotional single “Dinosaurs (S4E7) that will be included in her upcoming EP “(L)only Child." The new track was written by Salem together with Dave Burris, Christina Galligan, and Bendik Møller. Dave Burris and Bendik Møller also produced the melancholy up-beat. Her upcoming EP comprises of 6-track and is her debut EP under a major label and will be released this Friday (May 21). She has developed a deep love and passion for the art form as a child. She said, “making music for longer than can remember. I've written songs since I could speak. As a kid, my songs would be about anything from stuffed animals to a guy in preschool I liked.” After graduation from Berklee College of Music, she debuted with “Awake” in 2018. She released the debut EP “757” in 2019. She signed to 10K Projects/Homemade Projects in 2020.