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Self Esteem has announced her eagerly awaited new album "Prioritise Pleasure" alongside sharing the title track alongside the self-directed video. Self Esteem, real name Rebecca Lucy Taylor, says of the song and video, "The song is a widescreen mantra, remembering to put me first and in turn making myself a better, more present person. My journey to accepting myself is far from over, but some of the age-old simple shit has started to kick in finally over the last few years. Love yourself, be in the moment, put your needs first - that all used to feel so abstract and impossible, but with a bit of willpower (and writing a tonne of songs about it), I finally not only see the benefits but am actively enjoying them." Self Esteem says the second album is "13 songs of cleansing myself of the guilt and fear of being a woman who is ‘too much’ and replacing that very notion with a celebration of myself, of you, of being a human and the way that isn’t always easy or perfect, and that’s ok. Sorry to my parents for the lyric "shave my pussy, that’s just for me," but I think it’s maybe my finest hour!" Self Esteem's new album "Prioritise Pleasure" will be released on October 22 via Fiction Records