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The Wombats premiered a new song, “Everything I Love Is Going to Die,” taken from their upcoming sixth studio album “Fix Yourself, Not the World." Fortunately, The Wombats' latest creation doesn't sound as damaging as the title suggests. You remember the phrase better because you can sing along to the single in no time. With the help of a guitar tune that might come from some World Cup anthem, the British manage to get the sun from behind the clouds. In other words, a kind of more commercial pop sound has crept into the track, making the recognizability and sing-along level of a high level. Unfortunately, that way, we are not convinced as much as with the other singles, although we can't say anything wrong about “Everything I Love Is Going to Die” either. A tad predictable and a bit lacking in ingenuity is perhaps the sentence that sums it all up. Frontman Matthew Murphy told Clara Amfo about the song, “It's I don't think it's as grim as like the type of may suggest, but it's kind of a playful take on staying grounded and being present and being a bit grateful, I think. But I'd like to think it goes a little bit deeper in that. So it's not just about living in the moment or for the moment all the time because that has some pretty dire consequences to it. So I kind of think this elements of, you know, having fun with that, too. I think it's kind of at its core. It's a happy song.” The 12-track new album is set to be released on January 7, 2022.