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The Australian singer and songwriter released the sad story behind her new single "Cloudy Day." With the new single comes the announcement that she will drop "Welcome to the Madhouse" next month, a 14-track LP featuring the new gospel-tinged track “Cloudy Day.” Here is what she said of the new song, “One of our best friends passed away this year,” she recounts. “And I was trying to finish the album, but then I couldn't finish it at all. I couldn't write music. And on the way to the studio, I was just like crying.” A beam of inspiration came from Sony Music Australia chairman and CEO Denis Handlin and the memory of Tones’ late mom, who “used to say on a cloudy day, look up and try and find the sun.” "Welcome to the Madhouse" is due out July 16 and contains songs written before her massive hit “Dance Monkey” and more recent works. Her previous 2021 release, the ghoulish ‘Won’t Sleep,’ will feature on the album also.