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Australian band Tora has released their new song "Put Your Phone Down" alongside a music video that looks at how tech addiction is impacting us all on an exponentially destructive trajectory. The band says of the track which the music video directed by Christian Baur: “The meaning is quite obvious as it’s the song title, but this song focuses on the issue of tech addiction and how it is impacting us all on an exponentially destructive trajectory. Over time it’s becoming more acceptable to prioritize the people on your phone above those around you in real life; this realization hit me hard when I noticed that my ex and I would more often sit on the couch scrolling instead of being present with each other. I wanted to use this creative expression as a reality snap and a reminder never to forget what’s most important for our wellbeing, here and now. I started writing the song as a joke that I would sing to people when they ignored me for their phones; eventually, it turned into something serious and made its way into the studio during our recording sessions; before long, the whole band had contributed to the track. We decided it felt right for the Tora album.” “Put Down Your Phone” follows previously released singles “Inundated,” “Call On Me,” “Why Won’t You Wait,” and “When Will I Learn,” which will be featured on Tora’s upcoming third album, "A Force Majeure" that is set to be released on September 3rd.