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Will Young has released a new single titled "Elizabeth Taylor," which serves as the second single from his upcoming album "Crying on the Bathroom Floor." The track, originally written and recorded by Clare Maguire for her second album, "Stranger Things Have Happened," is among 10 tracks on Will’s upcoming LP, originally made famous by female singers. On Elizabeth Taylor, produced by frequent collaborator Richard X, the star sings about feeling like the film icon and the loneliness of life in the spotlight. “As soon as I read the first lyric ‘I feel like Elizabeth Taylor’ I was in,” says Will. “As a man, to say that too makes it even more interesting and sad in a way. “It was a difficult one musically to get right; we had to work it out with the musicians, which was a great challenge but very rewarding. We decided to put a key change in, which is the first time I’ve ever put a key change in a song that I’ve released. Will launched his new album last month with "Daniel," a cover of the Bat For Lashes track, as its lead single.