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Years & Years has announced his new album "Night Call" alongside a new track and video for the new song “Crave.” In a press release, Years & Years’ Olly Alexander said, “‘Crave’ is a playful way of inhabiting the deranged sexual energy I’ve always wanted. In the past, I felt like toxic relationships have dominated me, and I felt like it would be fun to turn it on its head.” It’s been a little over three years since the last Years & Years album, "Palo Santo." Not that Olly Alexander hasn’t been plenty busy in recent times — covering Lady Gaga and Lil Nas X, performing Pet Shop Boys’ “It’s A Sin” with Elton John, starring in the HBO show of the same name, and releasing standalone tracks like “Starstruck.” Taking on that role for "It’s A Sin" was partially an inspiration on "Night Call." The album reportedly finds Alexander playing with writing in character a bit more. It’s also an album that shoots for a wild nightlife release. “I was writing from a fantastical space, stuck in the same four walls,” Alexander said in a statement. “I wanted to have as much pleasure as possible in the music.” "Night Call" is due out January 7 via Interscope. It’s the third album from Years & Years, following 2018’s "Palo Santo" and 2015’s "Communion." Years & Years is now the solo project of Olly Alexander.