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German DJ duo YouNotUs teamed up with German singer-songwriter Michael Schulte to release a new song, “Bye Bye Bye” The song serves as a follows up to “Upside Down” with MBP, which was released back in April with the accompanying music video was directed by Marvin Ströter. For over seven years, the artists have known each other, have great chemistry, and have written several tracks for other artists over the years. And yet, they have never released a song together. YouNotUs and Michael Schulte were waiting for a song that felt like the perfect calling card for their first work together. They found it with “Bye Bye Bye” - a song that brings out both YouNotUs' and Michael Schulte's artistic abilities and combines the best of their respective worlds.

YouNotUs said, “Michael has been one of our most loyal companions since the beginning of our career. Our first collaboration in 2015 immediately made us fans of Michael as a guy and his voice. But not only that - we have also become good friends. Good friends who have been in constant contact since then and are in inspirational exchange. And that's exactly why we turned to him to write a song together. 'Bye Bye Bye' and Michael are the perfect match! Everything went really well in the studio. Perhaps it is because of the similar values ​​that we were able to convey and process the story of the song really well, which is about a toxic, complicated relationship.”