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Indie Pop singer-songwriter, Yueku has announced his debut EP, "Catch Me If You Can," to be released on July 30th. In anticipation, he has released a new single “Mindreader” which serves as a follow-up to "Somewhere Else." Yueku is the new solo project of Detroit Pop Writer / Vocalist Christian Koo, formerly of The True Blue. As the band drifted apart in 2020 Chris saw himself coming out to New York for several writing sessions, leading to his first feature with Midnight Kids. Christian Koo said of the song, “’ Mindreader’ is a song about simply wishing a partner would be straightforward about their feelings & what they want from you. I wanted to write a song that clearly expresses the helplessness of being in a one-sided relationship, even when things feel great sometimes. Smoke & mirrors. It’s about being pushed to the point where you have to state the undeniable fact, 'I’m not a mindreader." The EP features co-write with Jake LeMond, a member of Michigander, and co-produced and mixed by Nick Matzkows. Nick has great credits with heavier bands such as Attack Attack.