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Singer-songwriter Zella Day has released her third single of the year, the bubbly and slow-burning 'Girls." Slightly pop, slightly noir, and completely fascinating, Day is one of those artists who never does the same thing twice. ‘Girls’ comes with incongruously fuzzy guitar lines and live drums that sound like they were recorded in the world's largest echo chamber, contrasting with the fairly low-key strut of the track’s sultry vocal lines. Day explains the song's genesis. “‘Girls’ is a mentality or an embodiment of feminine spirit available to all through the communication of self-expression. To be beautiful, sensual, the feminine is not exclusive to one’s sex but a universal power that all humans can experience. This song is a celebration and an invitation to be GIRLS.” ‘Girls’ is a great track that plays to Zella Day’s strengths as an artist. Bizarre and unconcerned with appealing to the mainstream, but always happy to throw in plenty of hooks and harmonies to reel you in. In addition, Day is an artist that actually has substance and true artistic talent, and she proves it with each new single she releases.