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British singer-songwriter Grace Davies released a new song, “Toothbrush," which has glittery synths, each throb and twinkle made brighter by the pang of drums underneath. The song serves as her fourth single of 2021 as an independent artist, following “Testosterone,” “Iris,” and “I met a boy online.” The memories are all Davies’ own, though. She remembers the relics of her past relationship with a sensitivity that feels tender without becoming saccharine or melodramatic, the re-discovery of items left behind a new iteration of heartbreak again and again. In the kitchen, a picture on the microwave; under the bed, a forgotten t-shirt. “How do I get over you when you’re all over I do?” Davies asks plainly. The answer never comes; only a blur of the past going by. Grace Davies shared on social media, “'toothbrush' is out now!!!! wrote this in 2018; I thought this was the perfect main-character-energy summer song, stream it, scream it, and, most importantly, chuck his toothbrush out."


Jason Aldean and Carrie Underwood have teamed up for the powerful new duet “If I Didn’t Love You," which is the first single to be released from Aldean’s forthcoming 10th studio album. Produced by Aldean’s longtime friend and collaborator Michael Knox and co-written by his bandmates Kurt Allison and Tully Kennedy, “If I Didn’t Love You” follows the singer’s 25th No. 1 “Blame It On You.” “If I Didn’t Love You” is a mid-tempo, guitar-heavy power ballad that puts a couple’s unresolved feelings front and center. Produced by longtime Aldean collaborator Michael Knox and written by Kurt Allison, Tully Kennedy, John Morgan, and Lydia Vaughan, the song lets Aldean and Underwood show two sides of a painful breakup. “If I didn’t love you, I’d be good by now/I’d be better than barely getting by somehow,” they sing in the harmonized chorus. In addition, Aldean will launch his headlining Back in the Saddle Tour on August 5th in Virginia Beach, Virginia, with guests including Hardy and Lainey Wilson.


Dutch DJs Nicky Romero and MARF teamed up with alternative indie artist Wulf for their progressive pop song "Okay." They fused their genres beautifully, creating an emotive, singalong track sure to move any crowd. "Okay" contains two and a half minutes of positive vibes that you have the feeling that the song could have lasted longer. Wulf's voice appears to lend itself perfectly to dance music, especially when the supporting beats are in the professional hands of Romero and MARF. Nicky Romero said, “When it comes to the writing and production process, ‘Okay’ was an extraordinary track to work on together with MARF & Wulf. For me, it has become a song close to my heart. During these extraordinary times, the people that are close to me became more important than ever. The message behind ‘Okay’ that we want to spread is that we should check on the people around us more often whether or not things are ‘okay.’ We should show them that we are there for them when they need us. Every line in the song has a deeper meaning, and I can’t wait to perform it live.”


King Mala is an alternative soul artist based in Los Angeles. AKA Areli Castro, the El Paso-born musician, pens songs that touch on themes from lust, sexuality and badass femininity. Her latest single, “Mercy,” exudes a dark-pop feel with eerie sharp, clicking soundscapes and soft sultry vocals. The track portrays the juxtaposition of darkness and light that is in all of us. This entrancing track is all about finding the way back through the struggles to our kinder selves. Kicking off the track with a glass piano motif and tender vocals, “Mercy'' gradually adds layer by layer before diving into a slinking melody over pops of the gritty bass sound. Sharp pulses ooze fear, mirroring the darker alter ego, while her signature vocal textures scream femininity and angelic tones, bringing the shadows into the light and reminding us that the good always outshines the bad. “Mercy” closely follows the release of her viral anthem “She Calls Me Daddy,” which has garnered over two million streams to date. King Mala has a significant and dedicated following across her social media and has been greatly praised.


Independent artist Julia Wolf has been steadily rising since she released her debut single in 2019, then just WOLF. For the follow-up to "RFB: Part 1", NYC-based singer/songwriter Julia Wolf pushes forward with her pop takeover completing her two-track saga with "Resting B*tch Face: Part 2." The opening lyric, resting bitch face / you can take it or leave it, is so blunt. Being too nice has always translated to people taking advantage of me, and growing up especially, I was overly accepting of that behaviour,” Wolf says. “But in the same breath, being certain of yourself and finding that power in you to say no, or do what’s best for you can somehow label you as a “bitch”. So, if someone uses that term to bring a girl down, it’s a helpful red flag on their personality. It tells me that I must be doing something right, so I take it as a compliment. There is an empowering side that exists in all this, and I wanted to shine some light on it.”


TikTok sensation Dixie D’Amelio has released her next single, "Psycho," following on from the success of previous hits like ‘Be Happy’ and ‘F***boy." The pop track features Rubi Rose, which has Dula Peep influences and is driven mad by love. “Might go psycho if you let go,” Dixie delivers. “There’s a side of me that you don’t know.” Somebody at Hitco knows what they’re doing. Rubi Rose is freshly off bodying the XXL Freshman Class of 2021 along with rappers Flo Milli, Coi Leray, and Lakeyah. Since dropping the “D’Amelio,” Dixie went No. 1 on the Billboard Triller Chart with “Fuckboy,” following the streaming success of her debut single “Be Happy.” "The chemistry between Dixie and Rubi is undeniable,” Hitco co-founder L.A. Reid said in a statement. “‘Psycho’ represents what happens when two dynamic female stars from their own lanes come together and make a real statement record. I know their fans are going to go crazy for it!” Fans are already excited to see what Dixie could pull out of the bag next, as although her songs often get mixed reviews, they always end up becoming hugely viral on TikTok.