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Griff has returned with a brand new single titled "One Night," which follows the singer and producer’s recent debut mixtape "One Foot In Front Of The Other," which came out in June. “One Night’ is about feeling like you’re always carrying this darkness or burden,” Griff said of the new song, which premiered on Charli XCX‘s Radio 1 show this evening (August 26). “I think in the daytime we can feel distracted because we’re around people and we’re busy, but that moment between going to bed and falling asleep, there’s just enough silence for those burdens to get louder. Last week, Griff linked up with Bastille frontman and founder Dan Smith to cover Glass Animals‘ ‘Heat Waves’ for her YouTube series "Against The Clock." Each instalment sees the singer create, reproduce and reinvent a new song in an hour, often joined by other musical guests. In the latest episode, she and Smith tackle the Glass Animals single from their latest LP, "Dreamland," each bringing a different flavour to the song.


After recently announcing her new upcoming album "Star-Crossed" and premiering its title track, Kacey Musgraves has dropped yet another new song, “Justified.” The new track sees the country singer walking us through her breakup, acknowledging that “healing doesn’t happen in a straight line.” The music video for the candid, punchy track, which is actually a clip from the upcoming "Star-Crossed" film, finds Musgraves on the road, seemingly moving on from “a fun, strange summer.” Golden hour is clearly behind her as Musgraves speeds through desert and forest; the song’s angry chorus, “If I need just a little more time to deal with the fact / That you shoulda treated me right / Then I’m more than just a little justified,” takes on a different, painful meaning by the bridge, which has Musgraves admitting that there’s more than enough blame to go around. Musgraves will perform “Star-Crossed” at the MTV Video Music Awards on September 12th. "Star-Crossed" the album arrives with a companion film two days before the VMAs. Musgraves's new album Star-Crossed will be released on September 10.


Hot on heels of their latest viral single, “Shake Ya Boom Boom, “Static & Ben El are back with their new single, “Bella.“ Saban Music Group’s hot pop duo Static & Ben El are back with another explosive hit single. Musical producer Yarden Peleg (Jordi) produced Bella,” which captivates the pop sensations’ signature style, catchy lyrics, and melodic romantic hooks. The global Israeli duo has also collaborated with top superstars, including J Balvin, Pitbull, Flipp Dinero, Blessd, and Chesca, earning them a favourable spot in pop culture today. They currently hold a world record for the most-watched Israeli music video in history. With over 100 million streams and 720+ million YouTube views, the duo dominates the rhythmic pop scene worldwide. The Israeli pop duo is set to do two LIVE shows in Los Angeles as part of their U.S. promo tour at El Rey Theatre on October 17.


24-year-old singer, songwriter, pianist & producer Grace Davies from Lancashire has unveiled a new song, “Used To You,” from her upcoming EP dropping August 27, 2021. The song will serve as her fifth single off of the EP, following “I Met A Boy Online,” “Iris,” “Testosterone,” and “Toothbrush," and written by Grace Davies, Toby Scott and Olivia Sebastianelli. She has been on stage since being tiny, and making music is her biggest passion. Grace treats writing songs like writing a diary or going to therapy. In fact, she can get out all emotions and combat whatever she is going through by documenting it and making art out of it. “2021 has been so hectic for me, but in a really, really good way; I’ve been non-stop releasing since January, and I’m about to head out on tour,” Grace says. “Considering what’s going on in the world, it’s been a really great year so far!” She will perform at the online show in London on September 1, 2021. After the online show, she embarks on the UK and Ireland tour and Janet Devlin this fall. The tour kicks off at Patterns in Brighton on September 6, 2021.


One of the most sought-after independent artists, Julia Wolf, has released her new single, “Falling In Love.” She also announced the release of her highly-anticipated debut EP Girls In Purgatory, which marks the second anniversary of the first song she ever released. Julia Wolf is quickly turning heads in the pop space for getting as far as she has an independent artist. Garnering the support from streaming giant Spotify, Wolf is unafraid to comment on society’s ridiculous double standards on breakout tracks like “RBF: Part 1” and “Resting B*tch Face: Part 2.” Now, Wolf is readying a longer project set to be released on October 7. “Falling In Love,” dripping of female liberation, was written by Wolf after an unfortunate but all too familiar encounter. The song is about how it feels to wonder if finding someone perfect will only happen for everyone else. Wolf keeps refining her glitchy pop sound with her razor-sharp melodies with itchy beats with every new release. Wolf has over 20 million streams across all DSPs, proving her an artist to watch in 2021.


Primed to leap from TikTok ubiquity to mainstream pop stardom, buzzing vocal phenomenon Camylio unveils his new single “Sometimes.” On the track, Camylio’s voice glides over sparse synths laced with icy guitar, recounting memories from a frayed relationship. This minimalism gives way to vocal fireworks on the hook as he cries out, “Sometimes love isn’t enough. Sometimes perfect couples break up. And I hope you find the love you can trust, but sometimes I wish it was us.” Emotion bleeds through the cracks of his emotionally raw delivery. “sometimes” arrives on the heels of the singer, songwriter, and producer’s debut single “Love And Hate,” which has amassed over 3 million total streams to date. Right out of the gate. In November 2020, he launched his TikTok with one video daily. His cover of “Dusk Till Dawn” by Sia and ZAYN exploded with 7 million-plus views. Eventually, he broke the internet as his take on SLANDER’s “Love Is Gone” feat. Dylan Matthew generated north of 50 million views in under ten days. He caught the attention of Republic Records and signed to the label.