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R&B singer Kelis is back with a new single, her first in seven years. It’s called “Midnight Snacks,” and the Fanatix produced the track. “Midnight Snacks” is the latest treat-themed song from Kelis, “Milkshake” notwithstanding. After issuing her sixth album "Food" in 2014, Kelis released a cookbook titled "My Life on a Plate" and, last year, launched a cannabis-themed Netflix cooking show titled "Cooked With Cannabis." Kelis acknowledged in a statement that she’s often referencing food in her songs. “I mean, obviously I do,” she said. “It isn’t intentional, but the idea is just that food is a very sensual thing. Everyone can relate to it. It’s very human, it’s sensual, it’s something that you crave. And it’s sexy.” She continued, "I heard the beat and thought it was dope, and the first thing that came to mind was “Midnight Snacks.” The Fanatix were like, what are you talking about? And I was like; it makes you feel like a midnight snack! And that was it. It’s funny to me, but I like the fact that you can take sex and food, and you can put these two things together, and they’re interchangeable. I love that."


HONNE has reunited Griff for a second collaboration titled "Back On Top," which will feature on their album entitled "Let’s Just Say The World Ended A Week From Now, What Would You Do?" Co-written with Sam Smith, James Hatcher and Reuben James, "Back On Top" is the second collaboration from HONNE and Griff, after they teamed up on "1,000,000 x Better" just over a year ago. James Hatcher said of the song, “We wrote Back On Top with a guy called Reuben James who's one of our mates, and we work with him a lot. He's done quite a few cuts across our second album and the mixtape. He's an amazing jazz pianist, and he plays for Sam Smith, and they write together sometimes. We had a session with Reuben and Sam Smith, and we started writing the track with them, and then we took it away and finished it off and then they ended up getting the feature with Griff. Griff wrote her verse with them, and we love the track. It's just a really great, feel-good, powerful, song.” "Let’s Just Say The World Ended A Week From Now, What Would You Do?" will follow HONNE's 2020 mixtape "no song without you" and will feature another new collaboration with Khalid, as well as a songwriting credit from MNEK.


First-generation Argentinian-American vocal dynamo Just Stef reveals a brand new single entitled “Liar Liar” via The Heavy Group/Republic Records. Based on a real relationship, the dancefloor-ready production glistens as a thick bass line bops. Her vocals dip in and out of the groove as she coyly admits, “There’s nothing like a first love, thank God.” Over a disco beat, the momentum culminates with the incendiary finger snap-laden hook. Just Stef initially teased the tune on TikTok this summer, setting the platform ablaze with over 3 million views and 377K “likes” thus far. She continues to post up impressive numbers, though. Her breakout debut single “Miss U Miss Me” has generated nine million-plus streams. Gaining traction worldwide, it peaked at #55 on Spotify Indonesia’s Weekly Top 200, #1 on the Indonesia Viral 50, #8 on the Philippines Viral 50, and #8 on the Singapore viral 50. She accompanied “Miss U Miss Me” with the Spanish version “Te Extraño Me Extrañas.” Everything sets the stage for more to come from Just Stef. So get ready!


KiD RAiN is quickly becoming one of the hottest rising stars in UK pop after the breakthrough success of his take on "Accidentally In Love." His teasers for the song generated millions of likes on TikTok, and things continued to explode with over 10 million streams of its official release. It raced up countless key charts – including #1 on iTunes in the UK and Spain and Top 25 on Spotify UK’s Viral Chart. Now KiD RAiN is poised for another spotlight moment as he shares his brand new single ‘Magic.’ His first release since "Accidentally In Love," the song proves that his original material has everything it takes to make just as significant an impact. ‘Magic’ finds him returning with an instant pop banger, as his honeyed falsetto delivers a remarkably romantic story of falling under someone’s spell. Supported by punchy beats, disco-tinged rhythms and funk-fuelled bass, KiD RAiN wears his heart on his sleeve. KiD RAiN says, “If you feel like you need a song to sing in the shower when you’re crying but also dancing, then this is your song. You’re welcome. I didn’t want to come back with new music until I was beyond sure that it was the best that I could give. This is the best that I can give. I hope everyone loves it as much as I do!”


Real name Chloe Papandrea, aka CXLOE, has dropped her third single for the year, releasing a dark, brooding synth-pop cut titled "Close." Written by CXLOE along with Eric Leva and produced by Sammy Witt, the song oscillates between intimate, near-whispered verses and extensive driving refrains anchored by sweeping synths. “‘Close’ was written during a time that in my life I was continuously putting myself out there but getting nothing in return,” the Sydney singer explained in an accompanying statement. “The song is about the struggle of wanting to commit to something or someone, but they’re not ready to make the jump for you. From my perspective, I was being flown around the world to meet with record labels in which I gave my all, but was never able to close the deal and have the commitment reciprocated.” "Close" follows on from two other singles CXLOE has released this year, "Soft Rock" in August and "Cry & Drive" back in May. All three tracks will feature on a forthcoming project, details of which are yet to be revealed. Her debut single “Tough Love” came out in 2017 and since then has released a steady surge of successful singles, such as “Devil You Don’t” and “Between Our Hearts” with electronic trio Cheat Codes released earlier in 2020.


Indie-pop outfit Clubhouse continues to entice listeners with their happy-go-lucky arrangements and introspective lyrics with their latest single, "No Way." Following the success of their previous release, "Flipside," the track, which frontman Max Reichert expressed was about a toxic relationship, is yet another example of the band’s ability to sonically and visually create emotional and provocative storytelling that makes listeners want to dance. The band comprises five best friends forged from a middle school garage band in Columbus, Ohio, made up of Max Reichert, twin brothers Ari and Zak Blumer, and Michael Berthold and Forrest Taylor, who they met in college. The five-piece have gone through the ups and downs of life together, mainly while their frontman dealt with cancer. Now, with an EP and a national tour on the way, the band is eager to tell their story with the hope that they’ll be able to help someone else. Max Reichert said about the track, "We wrote it with this producer named Cooper, and this songwriter/pop star named Claire, who goes by spill tab. We wrote it with them at their house. It was our first session writing with them, our first time meeting them, and we wrote pretty much the whole song with them in a few hours."