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Australian pop-rock band 5 Seconds of Summer released their third studio album, "Youngblood, on June 15th, 2018. The band took 3 years off since their last release, "Sounds Good Feels Good," but on this record, they certainly branched out with their sound while also keeping up their original pop-punk sound.

“Youngblood” is the first song on the album, the title song, and 5SOS’ newest single. It’s more pop than punk but contains such a fun, catchy beat that had me listening to the song practically daily. This song has also reached the top charts on both Apple Music and Spotify. “Youngblood” set the tone for the album, showing the band’s musical growth over the last few years. “Want You Back” is another song that has hit the top charts and contains that upbeat, fun sound consistent throughout the album. This song also shows the lyrical maturity of the band and how they’ve grown in that sense since their last album.

All of the 16 songs 5SOS has blessed us with on "Youngblood." It shows how much they’ve grown and matured from a garage pop-punk band into one of the music industry’s biggest and most respected rock bands that can also reach the top of the pop charts. With intimate lyrics, catchy riffs, and overall musical talent, 5 Seconds of Summer has already made a name for themselves, especially with this new album that is without a doubt their most daring and intricate release yet.