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Derek Smith, aka MOD SUN, dropped a new music video for “Amnesia It was written by Derek Smith and John Feldmann. The video was directed by Derek Smith and Charlie Zwick. The Minnesota-born singer/songwriter is at the epicentre of the burgeoning pop/punk revival through his friendships and relationships with Machine Gun Kelly, Avril Lavigne, Travis Barker and the trio of music industry veterans who run his label, Big Noise.

MOD SUN said of the video, “Machine Gun Kelly always tells me that I'm the art, so why don't we make a video that's me being the final art piece,” says MOD SUN. “I wanted to make a video about an art collector, the biggest MOD SUN fan in the world, and they have been collecting every piece from MOD SUN that they can get, and the final piece is MOD SUN himself. I was making this and wondering when does this world of collection stop? Does it only stop when you actually collect the person? Is that the end goal? That's what I made this video about.”