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British singer-songwriter Paul McCartney premiered a new music video for “Slidin'” for International Surfing Day. The video was directed by Jack McCoy, featuring Craig Anderson and created in association with Surfrider Foundation and included on his 18th solo album “McCartney III,” released last December. Paul McCartney said about the song, “Slidin' came from a soundcheck jam when we played in Dusseldorf in Germany. During soundchecks, when I'm checking my guitar, I like to try and make something up, and the band will join in, and the sound man then gets the sound of my guitar which I'm going to use later in the show. So I started jamming, and this riff came out that I liked, and so we developed that, and I thought, 'I must do something with that. I really liked it as a riff; it stayed in my brain, so we did and recorded it for 'Egypt Station' [his 2018 solo album] with my band, but it didn't work out, so I had it kind of half-finished, so I changed some things here and there and put lyrics on it, and so it became this.”