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The all-female quartet The Aces dropped a new music video for “Don't Freak,” which was released on April 30th and is their first single since the second album “Under My Influence,” released in June 2020. The single and music video was released in tandem with Mental Health Awareness Month. It was inspired by lead singer Cristal Ramirez’s own personal struggles with mental health and the stigmas surrounding it. Cristal’s facial expressions and movements in the music video become more and more exaggerated and extreme, serving as a physical manifestation of the wide range of emotions and feelings one can face when experiencing anxiety-induced panic attacks.

The Aces shared on social media, “This one is very special for many reasons. It came about so naturally, yet it was a bit of a puzzle to make it into what you hear today. If you've ever struggled mentally, you know just how scary it can be and how much shame you can feel. That's the part that isn't talked about enough. How little patience we have for those who are struggling. How quickly we are to judge and say, “why can't they just get it together?” This kind of attitude only perpetuates mental illness, and we need to be aware of how we view and treat those who are going through it.”