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Multi-Platinum singer-songwriter Jewel has released her new album Freewheelin’ Woman, her first new studio album in seven years. The new album presents Jewel’s boldest and most unbridled body of work to date, revealing entirely new dimensions of her breathtaking voice. A common lyrical theme in "Freewheelin’ Woman" is Jewel sitting in cars and thinking about moving forward but being stuck looking back. On the lively “Alibis,” she sings about never seeing a man clearer than she does in her rearview mirror. The R&B-inflected pop records from her youth-inspired jewel, and this song sounds the most in that vein. “Dance Sing Laugh Love” is a lively country-leaning jam. She concludes that these four adjectives are about all worth it in life. And don’t fight, after all. In “Living With Your Memory,” she touches on the downfalls of shooting from the hip. She gets tired of constantly following her feet since no work ever felt like her true calling and is stuck living with the memories of a man who wanted to settle down with her while she was busy wandering. Darius Rucker appears on the touching ballad “No More Tears,” initially released in 2020 without the country star Hootie and the Blowfish singer. The new version of the song has a fuller and twangier sound. However, it’s not a country song—more Hootie ballad than a country one. On “When You Loved Me,” Jewel’s effortlessly smooth vocals stretch and grow into a belt from deep within. "Freewheelin’ Woman" concludes with “Nothing But Love,” where she praises the power of love and how it can bring the world to its knees. All in all, "Freewheelin’ Woman" is almost exactly what you’d expect from Jewel, and that’s precisely why it’s worth a listen.

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